Financial Arrangements

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Today, long-term care can affect just about everyone, whether you're a caregiver or care recipient. The good news is that quality options are much better than they have been for previous generations. The best options take preparation, awareness and understanding.

There are many ways to pay for long-term care; most individuals use a combination of methods. The sooner you create a financial plan, the better prepared you'll be to cover the costs for you or your loved ones. In determining your plan, consider all the options and select those that best fit your needs and abilities.

Chase Center accepts most insurance providers, including:
  • Medicare A, Medicare B and Indiana Medicaid
  • Anthem and other providers
  • Private pay

The financial details of private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare can be challenging. Our administrators are well versed in these matters and happy to help you understand and navigate them.

Choose Chase Center. Known throughout the region for our focused care, pleasant setting and warm interior, Chase Center is one of the region’s best choices for rehabilitation or long-term care.

See for yourself. We invite you to take a tour, stay for lunch and enjoy a group activity. You’ll feel right at home.

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