Rehab to Home

Do Recovery Right at Chase Center

The first few days or weeks following a medical procedure, injury or illness call for  focused, well-timed, consistent care. That’s where Chase Center shines.

We understand that home—the sooner the better—is your goal. And we’re staffed, equipped and ready with the knowledge to get you there.

We offer physical, occupational, speech and individual rehabilitation services, with a care plan specifically designed for you, your needs and your goals. We also serve up ample doses of encouragement to keep you on track and ready for your next step.

As you prepare to move from Chase Center to more independent living, we’ll work with you on our Safe Return Program, a transition plan to make sure you, your home and your family are ready.

Because of the care and compassion, Chase Center has made it possible for me to return to my home in the community. The staff has also helped my family with the training and advice to assist me at home. I will miss the warm surroundings and the beautiful view of the outdoors from my window. 

 -Mildred Donnelly

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